The Once and Future Adventures of Philo

A Graphic Myth


Greg Watson
Philo may just be the metafour for our troubled times.  Get to know him, his friends and his adversaries as you track his exploits.  Our future just might be riding on it.
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This is the Web Site of Greg Watson - aging synergist and aspiring (once again) cartoonist.  Philo is a red-haired, dreadlocked, mulatto, Clydesdale centaur I created in 1973 with the hopes of featuring him as the central character of a syndicated comic strip. Life interrupted in 1975 and Philo was placed on the back-burner while I pursued a career in a variety of state government agencies and nonprofit organizations.  Philo's  original comic strip adventures...
... are  poised to evolve into an epic graphic novel.
What's New

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What's New
Animated Philo
It's been said that based on aerodynamics,  a bumble bee should not be able to fly. Similarly some find in difficult to imagine how Philo could possibly get around with those huge hoofs.  Click on the icons below to find out.